As an award-winning Marketing Communications Strategist, I use my love for reading and writing to fuel my creativity.

#WC Wandile Cindi

About #WC

My experience as a Marketing Communications specialist spans 11-years. During my short but extensive career, I have held junior, middle to senior management roles across financial services, the non-profit sector, my own independent business and marketing consultancy as well as working for Africa’s best Public Relations agency.

My knowledge base is vast, but it is anchored by my passion for marketing communications. Completed qualifications include;

  • BA Marketing Communications Degree (AAA School of Advertising)
  • Project Management (Milpark Business School)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (Gordon Institute of Business Science)

In 2021, I will commence with my BA Honours Strategic Brand Communication studies to unlock the next level of my potential.

#WC Skills and Expertise

There are four areas where I have dedicated more than 10,000 hours to become the consummate professional I am today.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Research, Strategy Development, IMC Plan

Project Management

Project Initiation, Process Planning, Budgeting, Execution, M&E

Socio-Economic Development

Transformation Agendas, CSI Strategies, Social Entrepreneurship


Lead self and teams to achieve objectives

#WC Professional Career

My career spans 11-years from which I have worked with industry leaders who have helped shape my professional career. I value each and every single individual who I have worked with and remain grateful to them for contributing to my growth and development.

PR Worx (April 2018 – Current)

I joined PR Worx to lead the PEPSI CO and SIMBA account. I launched the new Doritos Sizzlin’ Tomato flavour for which we won Bronze for the category Launch of a New Product and reintroduced NikNaks to Afrillenials under #LovedByTheStreets winning a Silver for Campaign of the Year at the annual PRISA PRISM awards in 2019.

My strength in strategy, execution, project and budget management allowed me to launch and execute a 360 campaign for SENTECH CONNECT which is the SOE’s broadband offering tailored for rural and underserviced areas.

Through the project, we created a hologram for the CEO Address, used 360-degree Virtual Reality videos as sales brochures amongst other integrated marketing communication channels.

At the 2020 PRISA PRISM awards, we won an additional three awards for SENTECH CONNECT, FP&M SETA and NikNaks bringing my tally to five awards in two-years.

My portfolio spans the telecommunications, transport, FMCG, and financial services sector.

Telescope Investments (May 2016 – March 2018)

Telescope, a hybrid Social Enterprise (PTY & NPO) was that point in my life, I call The Practical MBA. During this phase, I provided Business and Marketing Consultancy services to SMEs to articulate and implement brand strategies as well as streamline business operations to maximise their bottom line.

I lectured Business and Marketing with WITS Drama for Life and Jo’burg Theatre for community-based theatre groups. I strongly believe that brands in the next decade will use their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes to draft their brand strategies. With this foresight, I worked full-time with Altmont Technical High School in Soweto to create their annual high school yearbook. Scholars were taught skills in; photography, journalism, creative design, project management, event management and leadership with the help of corporates who shared their skills and purchased advertising space to ensure that every single scholar received their first-ever school yearbook.

Running my own consultancy taught me how to lead self and teams, decision-making and the will power to get things done.

Afrika Tikkun (June 2013 – April 2016)

I managed the Afrika Tikkun brand which has three entities; NPO, PTY and a Trust. During my time, I articulated the Cradle to Career 360 model and launched the Like Change campaign alongside blue-chip corporates who donated to the organisation.

The social campaign included; television, radio, outdoor, public relations, social media and event management. To execute, we leveraged co-branding partnerships with Afrika Tikkun donors and media partners.

Part of my KPI’s was to manage the relationship with Afrika Tikkun donors, coordinating their CSI programmes with the organisation and managing all volunteer programmes.

This was a great opportunity for me to align the NDP with the donor’s core business and develop annual CSI programmes.

During this time, I was studying Social Entrepreneurship at GIBS which supported a large aspect of the strategies which I developed and implemented to-date.

Zurich Insurance – Now Bryte Insurance

(June 2009 – April 2013)

During the four years, I was mentored by the Company CEO, the Head of Strategy, the Chief Marketing Officer as well as the Marketing and Communications Manager (Line manager). This foundation has not only made me a seasoned Marketing Communications specialist, but it also gave me the ability to problem-solve and provide solutions to grow the business factoring in core operations, human capital and transformation strategies to drive the bottom line.

Over and above the day-to-day brand management, broker engagement, website management as well as media placement and monitoring, two aspects developed the consummate professional I am today.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI): I strategised, implemented and launched the first structured employee volunteer programme which was recognised and adopted by Zurich Group to be implemented and rolled out worldwide. I was invited to sit on the Global CSI committee, which put together Zurich Group’s Global CSI strategy.

Z Team: I sat as co-chair of Zurich’s first culture club alongside our company CEO, which was established immediately after retrenchments. The team was responsible for boosting employee morale, ensuring two-way communication between the Executive Team and creating an enabling environment for employees to strive.

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